FBX imports at 1:100 scale and is automatically scaled up again

I’ve noticed when importing FBX files into Level
File > Import Into Level

Any FBX files I import from Blender are imported as scaled down by 100 and then scaled up again in the scene by 100.

This means they display correctly so things work fine.

However, when importing objects that should be of a fair size ( 1m x1m cube) I get a warning

“Warning: The imported mesh is very small. This is most likely an issue with the units used when exporting to FBX.”

How can I get these files to not be imported at scale 1:100?

If I simply click in content browser and chose “Import Asset” they get imported at the correct scale, but I like the FBX scene file that gets created when I import them using the File > Import Into level method. This allows me to reimport the entire file (containing many FBX meshes) at once.

I’ve tried setting units differently in Blender, in the scene and in the fbx export dialog, but still get the same results in UE4

UE4 Version: 4.18.3-3832480+++UE4+Release-4.18


Does anyone have an answer to this please?

Set blender scene units to centimeters

This doesn’t work imported meshes are scaled down by 100 and then scaled up again in the scene by 100.

You make me take screenshots… -.-#

The default scene unit in blender is in blender units (meters if you are in 3.2) that equals to 1 meter , you change it to centimeters, 0.01. Make sure the object scale is 1. Export as fbx. In UE you can even uncheck the “convert scene” and “convert scene unit” boxes and it will retain size and scale.




There, my 2mX2mX2m cube from both blender 2.79 and 3.2 in scale 1x1x1, no warnings at all, as long as the cube has UVs or i dont compute tangents and normals

And here, the default scene imported into level in scale 1x1x1, the bright one from blender 3.2, the normal from 2.79

This settings

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Thank you very much for the extra details! I will try the steps and settings you highlighted and report back. Thanks once more.

Many parts of my scene still import with scale 100 after following your directions. Thanks anyway!

Make sure every object in blender has a scale of 1, if you are getting that issue in static meshes it is likely you scaled them up as objects within blender instead of scaling the mesh in edit mode. I’ve made many tests to import from blender to unreal without having to do many touchups if any at all, and for importing objects the issue usually was scale of the object itself.

Importing from blender isnt as straight forward as it is from maya, create a dummy scene in blender and export it in many ways and see what errors you get, then analyze what option you have in blender that might have created the issue, delete from unreal and reimport. Its a lot of trial and error, but it can be done a 1:1 export-import.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I’m now doing scene imports using USD where the transforms for objects come from Blender to Unreal correctly with default settings. Cheers

USD? whats that? im stuck with 2.79 due to workflow (and relying heavily on texface and blender render engine for setting my materials), migrating to 3.2 would slowme a lot but if it can speed up my processs i wouldnt have a problem using 3.2 as an intermediate step.

Universal Scene Descriptor. Here’s the UE docs - Universal Scene Description (USD) | Unreal Engine Documentation
I export USD from Blender 3.2.2 - I don’t know how far back in Blender versions it’s supported.
Another way that I use to import scenes is to export GLTF from Blender and then use Datasmith CAD importer to import the .glb file.
Good Luck!