FBX Importer Problems? Look Here!

Hello UE4 Community!

We would like to focus some testing and development effort on our FBX importer, to help improve its usability and fix bugs. One thing that would really help us would be to share any problematic assets (source plus fbx) the community has on hand so we can test using them. If you have had trouble with our FBX importer and are willing to share your original assets (or simpler test assets demonstrating the same problems), here is what we would like you to do:

-Go to THIS post on the AnswerHub
-Add a comment including:
-A description of what the problem is (i.e. crash, asset looks wrong on import, etc)
-Attach source (.max,.mb, .blender etc) and fbx assets having the problem
-If the assets max out our attachment file size limit, you can upload a .zip to the Unreal Engine Wiki and include a link to the page.

We know the asset sharing solution here is a bit clunky, and are working on getting a better solution in place. For the time being, please send us your assets through this method as we wanted to get ahold of whatever we could to get a better idea on specifics of how and where the importer needs most improvement.

Thank you for your help!


Only import problem I have is flipped texturemaps on terrains, they import perfect if via Simlab, but that is 6.1 FBX ver, and double the size too :frowning:
I can adjust it in the material editor since only relate to the terrain tiles, but since UE4 seems to handle large/detailed terrains with ease I plan to import many so it can become tedious.

Hi Atle,

Could you please post that to the answerhub link provided? That will make it easier to track. Thank you!