FBX Importer Plugin - allows meshes to retain pivot point info as well as rebuild scene

Hey guys, just wanted to show my progress on this plugin. Check out the video below for a rundown on how it works.

Will be releasing soon!




That looks great!

What is incredible is the fact this plugin is not native!!

Thanks for your great work! :wink:

Cannot wait to get my hands on this :smiley:

So question - does this work with Instanced static meshes or just static meshes?

I want this as soon as possible. Great work, this will make importing massive 3d worlds from 3d app to UE4 far easier. Cheers J

Oh, I’d have needed this two weeks ago. Importing CAD data of a machine and animating parts of it. It was a PITA because of zeroed pivots. Instant buy!

Hey Any news on this?

I am literally foaming at the mouth for this tool. :smiley:

Hey all,

Sorry for the late response. I am working on getting this done soon…I am trying to test with a bunch of different fbx files to make sure things work as they should in as many situations as possible.

Also trying to get it to work for Maya and 3dsMax fbx exports…

I will keep you updated!

So what is going on with this plugin?

Just curious.

Is this plugin out?

Will pay $$$ for this! What’s the word? In ArchViz, we’re dealing with Revit to 3dsMax FBX files with thousands of objects. For the static objects (99%) we just move the pivot to 000. But it would be nice to use the actual pivots and locations to make replacing geometry with better assets easier. I’d love to beta test :wink:

Keep up the good work!

Will this save hierarchies as well for multiple meshes?