FBX import/update similar to Unity, why not in Unreal?

I have a question in regards to the Unreal’s FBX import/update functionality. We are testing both Unreal and Unity for FBX import/update and Unity wins in that department HUGE. Unity allows us to simply drop FBX files in a specific folder and they are refreshed/reloaded automatically in the viewport. Unreal unfortunately does NOT allow for something like that, even through DataSmith. This is a very easy way to update automotive data at each part re-release point. Any chance Epic can take a look at this workflow? It’s logical and easy. I can’t imagine nobody else asked for this.

I think a number of people are using the built-in tools in their DCC instead, such as “Send to Unreal” in Maya.

If you use source control, and check in a new FBX file, you should also check in the new built file, so that other people who get a new version, also get the new built version and don’t need to separately import it.

I’m going to record how this functions in Unity so it’s easier to understand.

You can reload multiple fbx assets at a time from their respective files in the content browser via Asset Actions or simply Reimport - it’s not automatic, afaik. I can imagine how a manual reload would be a no-go with 100s of folders :expressionless:

I think this is (used to) to be done for csv. As soon as the source file updates, you get an editor prompt.

I’ll try this workflow and come back with feedback. Yes in automotive viz it becomes a nuisance, because there are hundreds of FBX parts that get updated weekly. We do all of our data prep in Maya and export FBXs. Wish there was a direct export similar to the one from Max to Unreal. Thank you for your help!!! :slight_smile: