FBX import problems

Hello all. I am pretty new to Blender but managed to animate a flying bat which I am mostly happy with (one leg is a bit wonky but oh well). When I imported it into UE4, the animation did not play as I expected: the legsdo not rotate in the right angles and do not stay attached as they should, they become detached (the legs are static meshes attached to bones in Blender). At first my animation was invisible but I check ‘Force Root Motion’ and it became visible.

After some fiddling around someone suggested that when I export I set ‘SImplify’ to 0 in advanced settings. This worked, my animation was fine but the leg was still bad, so I thought I would go back to Blender to tweak it. I tweaked it so it was less bad. However, when I re-exported my original issue returned. Nothing I do now makes a difference, I am adjusting the ‘Simplify’ value and fiddling with settings: my animation is skewed in UE4. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be? As far as I know my export/import settings are exactly the same as when I successfully imported it.

I’ve exported rigs from blender but not yet animations. Could it be an issue with your export selection? I don’t think exporting all behaves the same as exporting just the armature and mesh (and ticking export selected objects).