FBX import problems with multiple meshes position

I’v an issue importing fbx composed by different meshes. The problem is that meshes are imported in wrong positions and orientation. For example if i have an airplane like a spitfire composed by the main body and a rotator disk (the propeller), when i import it in ue4 the rotator disk is placed wrong and not in the front of the plane.
The objects placed wrong are placed in the 0,0,0 3ds max world origin even if i change their pivot point in the 0,0,0…ue4 seems to take the 3ds max world origin point for every mesh.
How can i fix it? I can solve this by importing the fbx without the “combine meshes” option enabled but it’s a mess to position every single mesh in the assett bluprint.

I believe Import Into Level preserves positions.


Thank you ZacD it solved the problem! Using import into level it import as multiple mesh and also like a full scene without any problem. So i think at this point that the normal import option is only for single meshes.

Thanks guys, easy peasy…