FBX Import Problems? Look Here!

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when I am close to it like this everything is fine. As soon as I move away from it, the whole thing starts flickering terribly, it kinda looks as if it was tearing itself apart continuously.

The very first post in this thread tells you how to share the files: Attach them to a post on AnswerHub.

Btw: I just did that, as a basic static mesh FBX out of 3ds Max also crashes. I think something is wrong with UE 4.9 perhaps?
FBX models fail import - UE4 AnswerHub (contains sample file)

I tried to create a simple box, for testing import/export, in Blender (since I’m not forking out for Maya/Max at the moment for another system).
But when imported It errors out - saying there’s No Smoothing or Triangles found.
What is going wrong here?

In my case I switched FBX 2013 to FBX 2014/2015 in 3ds max 2016 to make it work in 4.9.

When I go to cgtrader or other free fbx files sites. When I downlaod them they show up but the meshes and textures doesnt show up they are blank. I spent hours just hit all the free sites downladed them and all seem to have no colrm textures etc even when they show up in unreal as loaded they are blank white. Am I doin something wrong?

I need to have different skeletal meshes after importing them from FBX. Because morph target must affect only on one of them. But every time I import my skinned character - it’s meshes combine. So morph targets begin to affect the new (combined) mesh. And because of different vertex numbering it crashes when any of morph target turns on.
How can I import multiple skeletal meshes from FBX? Or how can I solve this problem another way?

I have also the same problem. I would like to remove all sub materials to just its material during import: why I have a submaterial per piece?, I can have hundred pieces in a model.

HELP! I CANT IMPORT .FBX ANIMATIONS FROM MIXAMO! THERE TYPES A “no root track on the skeleton” or something like that. HELP!!! I CANT IMPORT FIGHT ANIMATIONS!

When importing, through the popup option window, under Materials section, did you try clicking option to invert normal maps? Also import textures should be checked if you want to import your textures. However, it depends what type of files your textures are, I found that PNGs work fine. Just a thought.

Hi all.

I’m going to close this topic. It’s originally from 2014 when UE4 was still brand new. The post that CaveScholar replied to was from 2015, so I’m going to say its safe to assume that person has resolved their issue by now. :wink: