FBX import problem

… probably related to Smooting groups, because I have the smooting group error when import the FBX file.
But the same import in blender seems to be just fine.
Could you guide me for the correct path?


Can you show us the settings used when exporting the mesh? And is the mesh fully merged, or split along those seams?

Hi, SE_JonF , Ok I will provide that info as soon as I get back home. Just to clarify, I am not exporting from blender, the images I showed before are all imports, into UE4 AND into blender. However I will upload some new pics showing what I have and extending the igiven nformation .
The mesh is merged along those seams, its only splited into diferent meshes in arms, lengs, and hair.
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Yeah I figured. Whichever program you used to export though, that may be where the problem is occurring. If you can, also show us the settings you used when importing to UE4. =)

ooh, I found the problem, UE4 is creating a material automatically and the normal map is doing that.
I tried flipping the green channel but i have the same effect. Now I need to find the problem. But al least now I know where it is…

thanks and I am sorry for the inconvenience!!

No inconvenience at all. Let us know if you still continue to have problems. Hope it works out. =)