FBX Import problem

i want to import .fbx file into ue4

When i tick combine meshes, import will fail, may i know what causes this? which means i have to recombine the model after import

we are using blender


do you want to combine the mesh on import ? , its always better to do this in your 3d program before you skin/weight the mesh to the skeleton

If for some reason you don’t want to merge them in blender :
check in your export settings in blender that you have only selected meshes and no trouble stuff (no camera / lamp or else) or hidden troubling meshes.

Check the smooth / flat (object mode : Edit (on the left panel) shading :smooth /flat) i regularly got issues with that on import without smooth.

check if uv mapping is ok (if you use only one texture do one uv for the whole group (in object right click select all ctrl j to merge) or one for each mesh : in edit mode u : unwrap and smart uv project)

remember to do a copy before ^^

Sry for very late reply

Yes, i did successful imported my static mesh after i combine them before export from blender.