FBX Import problem from Maya - jittering


I got an annoying problem. I try to import my baked animation into UE but the problem is that my animation starts to jitter/spikes. This is what I am making in Maya 2014:
I have a model (simple snake) with few bones. Then I attach it with Smooth Bind. Next I am creating an IK spline handle on the Root bone and the last one. Then I am rebuilding the curve for more CV.
Next I am making a path for the snake and I attach the IK spline to it. Then I am also making a Flow Path so my model is nicely bending on the path. Then I am selecting all my bones and I bake them. Everything is fine in Maya. I can export it and even import back and there are no problems at all. But if I import it to UE the snake has some shakes/spikes during the animations, he starts all to jitter. I tried to test it in another program so I imported the FBX to Max. There are some funny things: when I play the animation it is the same as UE but when I manually scrub the timeline, everything is fine!

Any ideas why it is happening? I was trying to make it for 7 hours without luck. I tried different FBX version, different UE, exported in almost every possible configuration. Help! :slight_smile:


Some quick thoughts: Make sure you have include smoothing groups selected in the fbx exporter. Make sure you have all joints and mesh selected in the outliner, but not he IK spline handle. Choose bake animations in the fbx exporter.

Yes I have smoothing groups ON and I baked only my joints. I tried two methodes: selecting all joints only and selecting root and in the options of baking to bake hierarchy. No luck. This is not the first model with this same kind of problem.