Fbx import probem

Hello all , I’ve been trying to import a character without success for more than three months.
I don’t take it from web, i have to pay a 3d desainer for it.
The character is autorigged with mixamo free tool, but when i try to import my model in UE4 he don’t have more any body , i will show it in some screen.
I see all youtube tutorial for import a charater but not 1 of this have somewhat like my problem.
Thanks all who can help me :slight_smile:
alt text


It looks like a flipped normals problem. You should send your 3d designer the images and get them to correct the normals on the front of the model.

flipped normals, or go to materials check two sided, I don’t know if its recommended or it will affect performance.

So the problem is in the model right?

Because if you see in the first immage (not displeyed i don’t know why) you will se the model with body (in mixamo autorig) and in autodesk is ok too but when i try to import the model (and for curiosity i do it in Unity 5 too) he gove me this body problem

yes it’s from the model. do what suggests. havr a nice day :):slight_smile:

Notice the parts missing in Unreal are a strange colour in the editor, most 3D editors do that to let you know the normals are backward facing, this allows you to continue editing them if you had some strange requirement to make them backward facing. Unreal has no reason to do that, so it simply doesn’t render them. So, send the images to the 3D designer and get them to correct their work, probably worth doing this anyway in case you use them again so they don’t make the same mistake twice.