FBX Import into Level and standard Import scale difference (Blender)

I am having trouble getting a fbx scene from Blender to import correctly:
I saved out the default Box from Blender as fbx, changing nothing in the world or export settings.
Importing the fbx with UE4 standard Import in the Content Browser, not changing anything in the settings, everything is fine. Scale of the Box is 1,1,1 (see first image)

Importing the very same fbx with File -> Import into Level, not changing anything in the settings, a message saying “The imported mesh is very small” comes up, and the Box scale is 100,100,100 (see second image)

I tried dozens of export and unit setting combinations in Blender and can not figure out the solution.
Maybe somebody came across this already?

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Hi there! It’s FBX export settings, try to apply units scale and scale options NONE