FBX Import from Blender - Do I have to re-build hierarchy?

Hi all, I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine but fairly avid user of Unity (I basically converted). I have a bunch of weapon turret models made in Blender that for Unity, I just drag-and-dropped in and Unity maintained the object hierarchy, making it quite simple to just apply use of it. Since Unreal Engine doesn’t support Blender files however, I have to export as FBX to later import.

The issue is a common one, I guess. Once the FBX is imported into Unreal Engine, all the individual objects originally in Blender are imported separately. Do I really need to re-build the hierarchy in Unreal Engine after importing? Also, empty objects aren’t imported unfortunately so this makes the process tedious because I have to place new empty actors as parents in a hierarchy so that the weapon turret pivots work as expected.

Since I’m quite new, I’m currently unsure how to move the pivots of individual objects as I’d like (as it is in Blender) for the origin of some objects to be their own centre.

There is a button to merge stuff during import.
Empties are ignored by the default exporter and used for LODs by most common export mods (in my script they only export if named LOD_nameofobjcet and contain objects).

Are you dealing with skeletal meshes, or split parts?
The proper way would probably be to add an armature to the object, and assign the various parts to the bones - from what I’m understanding at least.

Thanks for the reply. The weapon turrets consist of a hierarchy of objects and empties that parent some objects. The game code (in Unity) basically rotates some of these parent empties to cause the lower and upper pivots of the turrets to rotate and thus aim at targets. I’m porting everything over to Unreal and I intend on coding it in much the same manner. As a result, my models do not have armatures and I need them to remain as separate objects rather, so I don’t use the Combine Meshes option when importing.