FBX import freezing


I am having an issue with importing fbx files into my UE4 level. It is a brand new file and my first step has been to import these fbx files.
Now there are exactly 700 fbx files that I am wanting to import, and knowing that it is a lot to import at one time I have been breaking it up into lots of 100.
The first 100 files import without an issue at all… It is when I import the second lot of 100 is where it freezes on 19% and it has been hours and it hasn’t changed.
Each FBX file is only 81kb in size so 81 x 700 = 56.7mb. This is by no means a large file…
I have modeled and animated it in 3ds max and then baked each component with its animation using the 3ds max plugin “PFlow Baker”. Then exported to fbx file using the 3ds max plugin “TS_Tools”.
Can anyone please tell me how i might be able to resolve this? any ideas?