FBX import error

I’m getting this error trying to import FBX models:

[FONT=Courier New]An out of date FBX has been detected.
Importing different versions of FBX files than the SDK version can cause undesirable results.

Has anyone seen this issue before? It appears UE4 is expecting FBX 7.3, and my models are 7.1 and 7.2 - and unfortunately I can’t export them as 7.3.

Its just a warning not an error and it doesn’t prevent importing. Are you having any problems on import?

Thanks Matt, it’s all good now. I’m a newbie (coming across from Unity) - I didn’t notice that the import had worked and dropped the model into the content browser.

On the subject of issues importing FBX files, I’ve had a couple files that I received from my art pool during a school project that had issues generating physics assets. They would say the MinimumBoneSize is too small even with WalkOverSmall or something like that.

In case anyone runs into it, I found a solution, however it might not be the best. I just don’t generate a physics asset at import, then right click the skeleton, create Physics Asset and set bone size to 0.1 or 1. This opens up a tool where I select all joints and scale down tremendously.

This seems to happen in some cases where my imports are extremely tiny because the model scale on export is 1.0 (Centimeters). Attempting just to set scale on export ends up with animations not working so this so far has been the only work around I’ve found.

Artists must keep in mind what version of FBX the engine uses.
If I’m not mistaken UE4 uses FBX 2013, Unity is still on 2011, etc. If you are on Maya 2015 or whatever, remeber to set the plugin to use FBX 2013 before exporting.