FBX Import Crash

Hello everyone,
Today i encountered a problem trying to import an FBX Model from Maya3D.
In fact,when i try to import the .fbx into my project UE4 suddently crash with this error:

Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)

I’ve been using Maya2016 for a while now and i always export my models with the “2014/2015” fbx compatibility option so i really don’t know what the problem might be here.
However,i can import other models correctly.
Here i’ve attached the Model for further information.


I was able to import your mesh in a new 4.10 project with no problem. I have attached the import settings I’ve used.
Have you tried importing the mesh in another project, to see if that works for you?

alt text

Hi Jaller,

I was able to take the asset into 3Ds Max and export it out for use in UE4 without any issue, where as the original asset would cause a crash on import immediately. The crash has been resolved with 4.11 to show an error “Failed to Import Asset”. While this does not resolve the issue that is with the asset, the crash has been resolved.

Looking at the mesh I don’t see anything specific, other than it’s a stairwell that imports as a skeletal mesh. I’m not sure if that was the intended functionality or not.

Here is the asset that I exported from Max:

Thank you!


Thanks for the tips.
I copied the model into a clean Maya3D Project and then exported it from there.
Now UE4 import it perfectly.