FBX Import covered in black squares?

Every time I import my model unreal engine puts black specs all over the static mesh. The model opens absolutely fine in any other program. The first time I imported the model it didn’t have these specs, but I deleted the one because I had an issue with the bones. When I re imported the model suddenly it was covered in black specs. I don’t know why. Blender has no issues with it, what do I do? I am fairly new the Unreal but I know my way around. I’m certain the issues isn’t with Blender.
The model function as it should, I the second model in the second photo is another one that I rigged and works in unreal engine. I don’t know why the pink on keeps having these weird broken black textures. When I over lay the textures the black still appears over them. Its like a mask on some kind.

srry for the typos I’ve had a long day.

Hello! Can you check normals?