FBX import breaks my UVs

Hi, my english isn´t that good, but I will try to explain as best I can.

I have issues when import a fbx model from Maya to Unreal.
I have multiples objects, each one of them has his own UVs in diferent Udim spaces.
Unreal support Udims since ver. 4.23, so textures seems to imports well and works properly.
The problem comes when I try to import the geometry. The object that has his uvs in the space 1001 works well, but other objets outermost from 1001 begin to breaks my UVs.
Here is a screenshot of my UV Layout in Maya:uvs_rocks.jpg

The object located in 1009 UVs space are the worts case, here is a screenshot in Unreal:


The uvs shows breaks and corrupted.
When I reimport the object from unreal to Maya UV editor I detect this:


I know Unreal must triangulate the mesh when import the fbx, but in this case the UVs are totally wrong.
I think it would be great to have a better FBX import plugin that supports properly objects that are located each one in different UVs udim spaces.