FBX Import (Animation) - Preserve Local Transform

I’m getting a warning when importing an adjusted skinned mesh + animation into UE4.5.1:

Imported bone transform is different from original. Please check Output Log to see detail of error.

When I imported the assets however, everything seemed to work fine. Nothing was out of order from our testing. I’m thinking the original skinned mesh was done in Maya 2014 and the recent adjustments were done with Maya 2015…

Because I don’t like warnings, I started trying to figure out if the problem could be with the fbx import. Then I noticed there’s one line on the import options that is mentioned in Epic documentation but not explained like all the other options.

What does the Preserve Local Transform tickbox actually do? Import transform data from Maya rather than adopt the existing UE transform or something? Ticking that box doesn’t remove the warning btw.

Output Log:

LogFbx:Warning: IMPORT TRASNFORM ERROR : Bone (index_01_l:11)
Source Global Transform (-29.164660,49.572605,104.380295|15.972386,-164.512985,117.797073|1.000000,1.000000,1.000000),
Converted Global Trasnform (9.490067,-0.382265,-2.677972|13.553137,-69.069031,-2.985352|1.000000,1.000000,1.000000)

Spews this out for each bone.

5 YEARS WITHOUT AN ANSWER HUH??? Maybe you should try Unreal Answers!* ( kidding,…)*

I am glad there are other engines on the horizon. If GODOT, Unity, Autodesk or that Amazon thing add any kind of ‘visual programming’ Blueprint system,… Unreal may be in trouble!

Ever figure out what it ‘PLT’ does? I am hoping it means BRING IN OBJECTS WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE NOT at x0, y0, z0, !!!