.fbx I make out of Ark's originals seems to be corrupted (Error 0x00000040)


So I recently managed to start modding Ark.
I am currently trying to get used to the new mesh/material import, which is pretty easy until now.

I just got a little problem:

I exported OneShotRifle original mesh into a FBX, (FPV and TPV), replaced them both by my LeeEnfield mesh, renamed it correctly in the FBX etc.

But then, here, at this very precise point, when I export my file (so the file used to be WeapOneShotRifle but is now a LeeEnfield right), it will get corrupted.
I am exporting triangulated, FBX 2011.
By corrupted I mean: I cannot open it back with Max, software will crash and If I try to load the mesh in the game, it will simply give me the 0x00000040 error.

I guess the issue is in the exporting, or in the rigging, because I already displayed the mesh with no problem - the problem happens when I get it in my hands:

Trying to get my Lee Enfield model into the game:


Thanks for your time !


Bump :slight_smile:
Anyone with experience in adding meshes into the game?


Even if this error does not show up for you, can you describe your export settings ? Maybe I will find out of it
I have been trying different exports, different rigs, I just cant get it to work, this thing is impossible to mod for me…
Might switch to Maya but if I can stay within Max I would prefer so.

I used a 30 day trial version of Maya 2015 and used the fbx 2014 in the export settings awhile back when I made some weapons for one of my mods and it worked perfectly following this tut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ods3drEXaAA

Thanks for your help
Well yeah I’ve seen that dude videos a while ago, looks helpful
I just really wanted to stick to Max, I am both Maya and Max user, but it always takes a few days to get used to one again (well in the end I will just use Maya as an exporter I guess)
Would be really good if we could get a fix or a proper UE4 exporter for this

I don’t think there’s really anything to ‘fix’ as if you’re getting an error, where pretty much nobody else is, it’s much more likely going to be something unique to you.


Make sure to be exporting with the 2014 version of FBX… I don’t use Max, I’ll be getting it soon to have a look around but I largely use Mudbox/Maya > Substance P. > DevKit, so I don’t know what export options you have, but if FBX 2014 is not one of them, then you’re going to need to find a way around that. Or try using .obj…