FBX export not retaining objects names


I have noticed that exporting FBX from UE5 is not retaining the objects names. Even thoughin UE5’s hierarchy the names are correct when the FBX file is open in Blender, all the mehses names are StaticMeshActor_.

Is there a workwround for it?


Nobody has run into this issue?


I just did a test importing 2 cubes in one fbx file. As a result the 2 cubes were imported as filename_cubename. (SM_BlenderCube_SM_BlenderCube and SM_BlenderCube_SM_BlenderCube001). With default settings that was the result. The naming isn’t great in this example but it did name them correctly.

Maybe there are some naming conventions that you didn’t follow. Generally Unreal does not like spaces, dots, comma and anything like that in the name. Underscore is ok but anything else I would avoid.


Thank you for doing a test :slight_smile:

Are there any maning convections in ue? :thinking:

The thing is that when I import the project to ue5 via datasmith plugin for archicad, all names are correct and the hierarchy is correct.

Without editing/adding anything to the scene, I hit export all as fbx (maybe here is my problem). When the file is imported into blender it uses the Type as object names instead of the Item Label. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think 3ds max keeps the naming but I’m not totally sure what the name is there exactly. Maybe there is a setting somewhere in either Blender importer or Unreal exporter.

Hi, we just tried the same fbx file in 3ds max and the hierarchy shows the same problem than in Blender.

That’s what I get exporting random placed actors into a scene. Some combined in blueprints. I choose FBX 2018 for exporting from Unreal.

I didn’t use any other steps like datasmith or any importer. Just placed those assets manually. The problem here might be those “helpers” to get data into unreal from third party software.

Thank you for sharing how your hierarchy looks like. I’m installing ue4 to see if there is any difference betweern the fbx exporters.

Exporting the file as fbx from ue4 the object names are reatined as it should be. There must be an issue on the fbx exporter in ue5.

Hi !
I’m having the same problem.
When exporting multiples statics mesh from UE (v5.0.3) into a FBX, the meshes are rename with a generic name “static_mesh_actorX”.

Any update on a fix or work arround for UE 5 ?