FBX export from maya

Just a quick question.

Do you guys leave “tangents and binormals” on when exporting a mesh? I know the documentation says to leave it off, but doesnt that meen Unreal will calculate the tangents based just based on smoothing_groups/hardedges?

I asking cause I know maya will smooth abit different then ex. max (per default, can be changed). Where max will smooth normals based on average, maya calculate based on angle and area weight. Assuming Unreal average the normals based on smoothing groups, they should differ from mayas in most cases.

Hope I make sense ^^.


I hope I am understanding your question correctly… The settings to prevent auto-calculated normals can be set in UE4 during an FBX file import. Notice the dropdown menu from the attach image. The options are: Calculate Normals, Import Normals, and Import Normals and Tangents. If you want to control the normals, and have them match your scene from Maya, choose one of the import options. You can even change this setting after the import. Just open the static mesh editor, and you’ll find a checkbox for calculating normals.


Thanks for the response David =D

So there should be no difference between checking export “tangents and binormals” and not? They’re included in the fbx anyway?