FBX characters

I am using Zbrush4r7 for all my mesh objects inside Unreal Engine 4. I have mastered the FBX plugin that shipped with Zbrush4r7. I am able to FBX export/import into Unreal Engine 4. I am curious about making full blown characters in Zbrush4r7. Materials, geometry and everything else. Can I use Zbrush4r7 to do this or do I need an Autodesk program like 3ds max or Maya? Are there any programs I can use to help me import FBX characters from Zbrush4r7 into Unreal engine 4 so I can make characters??

Basically you can use both programs. I found ZBrush more usefull for sculpting “organic” looking object, like a turtle, or even a rock.
I use 3dsmax more for objects with “cleaner” geometry, like gearhubs, tables, etc.

If the FBX holds all relevant data, ist just a matter choosing “Import” in the engine.
I have not really touched animations yet, but if you include the animation data in the FBX and import as skeletal mesh, the engine should create all required assets.
Just tick “Import as skeletal mesh” in the import dialog and make sure the animations are imported as well…