FBX character import into UE4 ,hair and eye seperate

Hi!! everyone ! I don’t know if this question is stupid…I made a character in maya … i export FBX… But when I import it into UE4 . They are seperate…I search this question all day , but can’t find it … anyone know how to fix this?? thanks a lot

Hello, do you solve this problem?

Merge them to the Characters mesh in blender unless your wanting to have different hairstyles later on in your game but if not then,
Import your character to blender select what you need to merge by holding down Shift and clicking your CharacterMesh > Hair > Eyes and CTRL+J to merge them export FBX reimport to ue4. Hope that helps

yeahyeah! actually latterly I use MAYA to merge… I don’t know where is thee merge buttom in UE