FBX Camera Import problem

I have a problem with importing a camera from Maya to UE 4. For some reason, UE 4 is looking for a skeleton to import the camera. I can not understand what’s the matter, because the camera in principle can not have a skeleton. The screenshot shows that the “Import” button is disabled, and if I do not specify any skeleton, it will not be unlocked. A camera that does not move at all can not be imported into UE 4.
    The only import option that has triggered this is the import of the FBX scene, but I do not have access to the animation and the camera too, a blueprint is created inside of which there is a camera, but it does not move.
   Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

This may not be the situation for you, but if you’re going to be using an animated camera from Maya in the sequencer… Here is my process for this…

  1. In Maya -
    Bake animation for the camera (Edit>Keys>Bake sim…)
    Export as FBX with Animation (or use the Game FBX Exporter -weirdly I’ve had better luck with this, even though exporting FBX directly should be identical)

  2. In Unreal – In sequencer !!!
    Create a cam in the sequencer (the icon at the top), then right-click on it to select import…
    When the options come up - DO NOT TELL IT TO MAKE CAMERA!!! It’ll probly crash. (it does for me, 50% of the time)

It should bring in your camera with animation at this point.

You still have to set the render pixel size, AND the camera sensor height and width. Select the camera in the sequencer, then find the properties and look for the sensor height and width (or you use one of the presets there)

Sensor Width and height are the same as Maya’s lens size (found in Render Settings Panel - info at the top of the panel - Maya lists this as inches, next to image size)

You can also find the same size from After Effects, if you’re creating a camera there…

You put those numbers into Unreal (you can ignore the inches vs mms – the units are irrelevant)

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the answer!
This is useful information, especially about the frame size, I ignored these settings.
In addition to your answer, I found a lesson in which you can learn how to import cameras from other packages. As far as I understood in the UE you can not import the camera itself, you can only import the animation onto the camera in the engine.
Thank you!

Cool, glad to help! Right - the “camera” isn’t imported, just the transformation info (the animation).

Hopefully it was an answer to your forum question at least! Good luck!

Thank you dude!