FBX baked animation from 3ds max - workflow and tips

Hi all,
i made a simple 3d animation in 3ds max and i want to import it into unreal.

For the animation i used a keyframed helper and then i linked my mesh to it.

I exported the mesh as .fbx with the bake animation option. It works fine sometimes but in some cases ther’s an aproximation of the movement. Instead of moving 10cm up and then 50cm left it’s moving in an oblique direction…

I need to bake all the key to the mesh befor export?
The keyframe interpolation are some hidden rule? (like time setting or other…)

Second question are about the imported .fbx, my mesh will be imported as “animation sequence”, “Physical asset”, “Skeleton mesh” and “Skeleton”.
I made a Blueprint and then add the skeleton mesh to the root, then i set in the Animation rollout “Use animation asset”, but then i need to manualy select the animation sequence (that’s easy because it’s the only one in the dropdown menu…)
The problem is that i need to repeat the proces for each skeletal mesh.
Ther’s an easier way of doing that?

i have many CAD pice animated and i’d like to transfert them to an interactive system in unreal.

Any advice will be helpfull

anyone had an idea or a link to try?