FBX Animation root rotation popping and snapping

On the left, in engine. On the right, in blender.
You can see the popping is most prominent on the footfalls. I’m not sure the origin or cause of the popping or why it suddenly started happening to all of my exported animations.
When I export it out of blender and import it back in, it has the popping issue so I’m pretty sure it’s on blenders side but I was hoping someone had come across this issue before while working in unreal. I had just exported several other similar animations with no issue but now all of my exported animations are showing these symptoms.

Hum… care to share a blender NILA track screenshot directly within the forum?
Imgur blows, particularly on mobile.

Anyway, I’m thinking somehow you ended up with a persistent animation track that’s getting layered into the export, going by your description.
To remove it, delete all NILA tracks, save a new file, copy the frames directly off the old file to the new file.

Also, if the animations arent popping in the blend, try to Bake before export. That would also overwrite the tracks.

My tracks are clear, I have only the one animation playing. I tried baking and the issue persists. But I think an NLA track would affect the viewport animation as well as export. I’ll try restarting my entire scene and get back to you.

no dice on the new file. However, I increased the animation sampling rate and it fixed the problem but it made the animation longer and therefore, unusable.

So I tried making a new animation. I moved each bone individually until I got the popping. It only occurs with the hip bone.

Showing a playblast is not real an ideal as to demonstrating a problem unless it’s very clear that there is a problem in the first place. A video generally inherent the issues of the capture relative to a 30fps playback in relationship to an environment that renders at a rate of 60-120 fps. If you can share the project file that would be better as we would be looking directly at the source.

With out the source everything else is guessing at what the problem “could” be.

For example what is the root bone doing? Can’t see it and could very well be a reason as to popping.

sorry I never responded to this. The popping was caused by a rig issue in the root joint or the “hips” It can’t be rotating on the z axis without causing “root motion” rotation. It was trying to correct the apparent rotation that was simply me animating the hips. Don’t set the hips as the root. problem solved.