FBodyInstance: How to set Inertia Tensor manually?


I’am writing my own physical library for simulating aircrafts. It is not perfect yet, but I’am trying to make it “as realistic as possible”. Currently I use engine written by my friend, but I’am thinking about using UE. Unfortunatelly I can’t find a way to set inertia tensor (only by modifying source code?). I suppose, UE calculates mass distribution automatically from object collision shape. But this is inaccurate. Aircrafts are usually constructed as thin shell (fiberglass, aluminium, plywood) with heavy components inside (engine, pilot, fuel tanks…). Correct inertia tensor is first step to correct behaviour, I guess. It describes principal axes, affects aircraft roll rate, etc.

Please, is there some trick or workaround? Thank You for read :-).

Hmm, nothing!? :slight_smile:

So, this is probably the only way:,_Integrating_PhysX_Code_into_Your_Project
And then “setMassSpaceInertiaTensor”