FBlackboardKeySelector::InitSelection is wrong

the code in FBlackboardKeySelector::InitSelection() is wrong. Please fix. bFilterPassed is not checked.

Hey Alyph-

I’m not familiar with this section of code so I’m not sure if the boolean is being used by something inside the editor. Looking at the code itself, it doesn’t appear that the bool is negatively affecting the rest of the code. You can enter a pull request on GitHub (https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/compare?expand=1) if you feel it should be incorporated into or removed from the code.


HI ,

If you are not familiar with the relevant code, that’s fine. Could you please pass it to the person who wrote the code? It is a simple bug and very easy to fix. I am not too worried about the bug itself and I can easily work around it, but it gave me the impression that Epic does not care about the quality of their code, which bothers me slightly. Also please do not request us to fix your code, we are not responsible for maintaining your code base.