FBitWriter overflowed! How to change the reliable buffer's behavior?

For one of our projects we need to execute some client operations on server (for replication) in a reliable way.
We are trying to run the game on a very bad network; this causes, very often, a connection closing with the following message:

LogNetSerialization:Error: FBitWriter overflowed! (WriteLen: -1, Remaining: 4014, Max: 4014)
LogNet:Warning: Closing connection. Can't send function 'ServerOperation' on PlayerController_0': Reliable buffer overflow. FieldCache->FieldNetIndex: 32 Max 103. Ch MaxPacket: 512.

I understand which is the problem. The buffer of reliable events is full, so it cannot guarantee some reliable operations are executed reliably, so its fallback is closing connection.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure this behavior deeply: e.g. rather than closing connection ignore reliable packets (also whether they are “reliable”…), or having different degrees of reliability so that some operations need less reliability of others. Or simply block all until the reliable buffer has been emptied.