Favoured method of driving animations

What is your preferred method of driving animations in your projects?

i am currently experimenting to find the best looking but also a responsive way to reliably drive my animations.

The default capsule movement is great but i cant stand foot sliding.
there is root motion (haven’t messed with it yet)

Curve driven animation, its been great so far. No foot sliding, Responsive. the only issue i am having is when i try and blend into another animation, because the speed is set on the curve during the blend or transition i take it the curve gets distorted and it messes the speed up.

is there any way to stop transitions from effecting animation curves? i guess that would solve my issue.

Just looking for ideas to create a smooth animation system or help with my issue.


Just time your animation to the speed of the capsule. Foot sliding solved.

Could you elaborate please?

Inside the character movement component you have a maximum speed. it’s in something like cm/s - you can look up the details on it.

In you animation, set the root bone to slide from 0,0,0 to the distance you chose in the settings.
Then create a 30 frame - to be exported as 30fps - animation of the walk cycle that covers the exact distance.

After you hare happy with it, and the feet do not slide within the animation, remove the root bone translation.
When exported and applied in engine the foot won’t appear to be sliding because of the fact that the animation’s timing matches the movement speed rate.