Favorites section not shown on reload

When I reload Ue4 the favorites section is hidden. The only way to get it back is to add something to favorites. Is anyone else seeing this?

Found the issue: you have to turn it on in the view options even though it shows after you add.

I was able to reproduce this issue and submitted a fix to Epic for review (see This was caused due to the code making the favorites section visible, but not saving out the variable which is needed to make it visible on the next editor run. The workaround that is proposed in the second post does work correctly in the meantime (that one does change and save out the variable).

Yeah, I can see how you’d want the state to save once you’ve added something to favorites, I was going with the idea that unless you manually set them to show, it would just show temporarily. I’ll get this PR in. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking at this!