Favorite Superhero?

Hello this is the thread for your favorite superhero i am a bit curious about others choices

here’s mine


amazing powers basically a god he has everything!

Just Batman…

Batman, Spiderman, Ironman.

Spiderman, I guess.

Squirrel Girl

Fire fighters

Real and everyday super heroes :slight_smile:

Absolutely right :slight_smile: Those are also my heroes

I have always been more of a Villain guy. Carnage for Marvel and The Joker for DC. Both are just examples of Pure Evil.

If I had to choose a Superhero, I would probably have to say Batman or Gambit.


I would have to agree with you Sean on Carnage and Gambit

Wow some nice choices here!

I’m just going to leave this here

Gambit for the win! And favorite supervillain has been the joker ever since I was a little kid.

ironman is cool :>

Maybe a bit too much cheesy… Ok captain america then…

Thomas Wayne Batman, nuff said.

He legitly kills people.

Nutella man… does he exist?

Yes yes he does


Would…Spawn be eligible? If so he’s my number one pick. My girlfriends favorite is Batman…which is kind of ironic.