Fatal velocity: Physics combat

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m working on my first game and it’s a multiplayer first person “physics” based shooter
where players use the environment to thrash their opponents using force from PHYS_
guns and speed to bring them down.

**There are no guns, no AC-130’s, no classes, and no health mechanic.

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is inspired from a bunch of different games, and I felt I
could mold the mechanics and ideas in such a way that could be unique. Games such
as Super Smash Bros, Tribes 1 & 2, Spider-Man, Portal, StarWars and many others were

I wanted to take a leap and find out if anyone here has interest in following development,
play testing builds, and providing their feedback as I will need to hear what people think of
new content as time goes on. I do want to get this game on Steam Greenlight in the near
future, thank you - and please let me know what you think!

Here’s the first development vlog!
Facebook Here!
Twitter Here!

Update #2


! The Breakdown !

  1. First playtest was a success!
  2. Pull gun, push gun, phys_ grenades are functional and work as expected
  3. Needing playtesters (IF YOU’RE INTERESTED PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)
  4. Humanoid prototype characters now implemented
  5. Airborne player ghost like trails allow for easier tracking (the game is fast, hard to see enemies, this should help)
  6. Teleporters and jump pads, mandatory for FPS games xD


Update #3

The game has been officially renamed from Project Physics to Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat!

[HR][/HR]! The Breakdown !

1. **Started putting together rough ideas for the player armors** 

(female armors were drafted first, male armor and alien armor will follow eventually).
The aesthetic style of the game will try and work around the industrial style of Dead Space
with hints of the beginnings of the technical marvels from Starwars, (massive energy rooms,
hyper drives, floating structures).

  • The world won’t to be hyper clean, smooth or glossy. Instead, the technology is still in it’s
    teething phase, the tech is still trying work out the quirks, odds and ends - as if the scientists
    were only recently able to compress the massive energy based in these tools into personnel
    armors from crane sized loading docking stations.
  1. Terrain pulling
    In the vein of Tribes skiing, pulling yourself over rolling hills or ramps might not sound significant,
    but players couldn’t pull themselves on inclines in the previous UDK version. Now, it adds that much
    more smoothness and polish to the world. Too many flat surfaces = boring!

  2. Player damage info above their head
    Inspired by Super Smash Bros., the more damage taken, the more “ragdollable” you are, over time it
    will decrease. Ranging from 100% (perfectly good) to 999% (easy target) players now have a good
    idea of how easy or difficult their opponent can be to take down.

  3. Social Media
    The infamous and terrifying thing a dev like myself has to figure out, attempting to build a following and
    community! I’ve set up a Twitter and Facebook page, (click to redirect) follow progress, events like play
    testing sessions and feedback requests when I post concepts, 3d models, animations, sounds, and so on!

  4. Playtesting
    This one kind of repeats what’s in no. 4, but I do need to get as much feedback as possible. If you’re
    interested, join the play testing events or message me directly - I can ship you a build, host, and we
    can throw down!

Quick Update

Hope everyone is having a great week & Thursday evening!

Just a heads up, there will be another playtest event this weekend and the game has been improved vastly since last weekends session.
It would be awesome to have 4-6 people test the game and get as much feedback as possible!

You can see the Facebook group event and page here if you’re interested!

Finally, here are two more female armor concepts!

3.png 4.png

Update #4


! The Breakdown !

  1. Load Out / Inventory Implemented!**
    The new load out system has been implemented to allow players to grab whatever gear they like! Want two Pull Guns and 2 Push Grenades? Do it!
    Feel like going all Pull Grenades to warp enemies around? By all means! There are no classes so feel free to wreak havoc however you like!
  2. Static Hands**
    One thing that’s been really bothersome is the fact that I know the game won’t have any guns. Instead, players will spawn/emit
    energy from these energy gauntlets, Iron Man style. I’ll be placing hands in the game, as static placeholders at the very least, so everyone
    know that at some point - the hands will be replaced by technical gauntlets with fancy animations!
  3. Cel Shading**
    I’d really like to explore the idea of taking a little Borderlands style and fusing a texturing style of TF2, how will that look?
    I have no idea, but that’s why I’m starting to experiment tonight!

4. Freelance Artists
Always looking around for potential contract artists, anyone here have experience with Fiver or any other artist contract based site?

5. Social Media (again!)
I set up an IndieDB page to try and bring more awareness to the game. The biggest problem I have right now is simply the fact that I
have no art in the game to make it look, interesting. Instead, it’s all programmer art - boo! Right? I need to start getting that art
aesthetic going, (sigh).

That’s about it folks! Any thoughts, ideas, critiques? I’m all eyes & ears!


Lots of changes, overhauling, reiterations, testing, more testing, more iterations, more changes, more overhauling, rinse and repeat and repeat and rinse… in short, it’s been a busy weekend and last few days since the last update!


Update #6

There’s been quite a bit of craziness lately with all the playtesting that’s been going on, which is a good thing!
But I’ve come across the problem of simplifying the game, mainly controls.
I’ve also realized that maybe city map I had created just isn’t that much fun… well… at least the way it currently is now.


  • Playtest footage from a couple days ago!
  • Had anywhere from 3 - 6 people
  • Fighting in FFA mode
  • I'd like to think it was a blast!
  • Always looking for more play testers!

Steam Greenlight Campaign Launched!

Milestone Achievement Unlocked
Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is now on Steam Greenlight!

It’s been 4 years since I’ve wanted this to happen, I’ve failed multiple times, worked my *** off and
waited for the right moment, so the time has come. Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is now on Steam
and we’re just getting started. Check it out - vote what you think and let me know what you think!

If you check out the campaign and honestly feel that you’d like to see the game get a space on the Steam store I’d
really appreciate any kind of support, whether it’s a thumbs up, tweet, comment, mention it to a friend or anything else really.