Fatal Error with packaged game on Laptop

I have a packaged unreal project that works on my desktop PC but when ever I test this on my laptop (with very modest specs) the game crashes on startup.

I’ve looked through the log file but I’m not sure what I’m missing, it would be great if a fresh pair of eyes could point out what the problem is. The default map seems to work fine when packaged but not the game map or the menu map.

Here’s the log file: Log File -

What do you mean with packaged UE project?

From the log it appears the UE project is not working because the Engine installation hierarchy is different - thus it fails with errors related to missing Engine files.

One way to fix this is to create a new empty project on your laptop, and then move the PC /Content folder stuff into it.

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Since this is a packaged build, the log output can be somewhat limited. There are two config parameters you can set in your DefaultGame.ini that increase shipped log output and packages the crash reporter:


See if this gives you more information to work with.

Does the laptop have switchable graphics? Like integrated Intel for low level stuff and a dedicated Nvidia card for handling higher loads? If so, have you made sure that you run the game on the dedicated card and not the integrated one?

Lastly, have you checked that drivers are up to date and that the graphics hardware is in fact compatible with whatever version of UE you’re running?


The laptop is using the dedicated graphics but I’m thinking it’s just not powerful enough even with the most recent drivers.

I might try and migrate over to an earlier version of Unreal Engine and see if that works.

nothing obvious there that i see, at the end. Run it in debugger and see what happens?

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