fatal error when placing a new structure

so i maded my own custom maded cnc machine but when i placing it the game crashing it works fine in the editor721c0cceb9e9d7dbf7e0bbee5df02864548f3cae.jpeg

now i getting another issue97c64ae3b5fa2480144891a29444d0d68b781f87.jpeg

I know this from experience it may not apply to your issue. If the structure files have any nones / missing values set it may crash. If this has a new inventory the the dev kit is picky on how you add it under components. May try re making inventory file and linking it a different way. It isnt much but two things to check.

I was getting very similar issues from having no game mode assigned. I followed a guide and made the testgamemode then later decided I didn’t need it and assigned that value Default. I thought the game would auto load one doing that but all it did was crash as the map was loading.

i fixet it by changing the inventory component