Fatal Error when loading Mod

Fatal Error when loading Mod

First time creating a mod, made a basic Roman shield in Maya (fully textured in SP and so on) and followed the tutorials hosted on the form main page.

Now in the editor, everything works fine seemingly, there are some errors of content not loading, or not being “found” (not shore if that’s an installation problem or not, verifying the installation does not change anything). The Shield sits nicely on the character when equipped, the Icons work fine, and everything seems to work smoothly. The cooking, when uploading the mod, proceeds without any errors, just warnings.

The problem starts when trying to use it within the game itself. When trying to load the mod the game crashes during the loading process.

I’m not shore exactly what I could of missed that would of caused a fatal error in the game, has there been anything updated that the tutorials do not cover as of yet? If so where do I fix them?

If there is more information you need, let me know and I’ll try to get it as soon as possible.

Thanks to anyone that helps me out!

Well, usually the error itself helps. Fatal Error is as about as vague as you can get and will get nowhere with that.

The text beneath that - if there is any - and the crash stack are, most of the time, pretty telling about what the issue is.


For some reason the Error wouldn’t copy to the clipboard, I know, annoying.

Anyway I managed to figure out what was causing a crash, one of the blueprints where referencing the wrong Mod, so that’s me feeling like an idiot XD. Guess that’s a lesson for the future to not name Mods similar to each other.

Thanks for taking time to read this in the first place!