Fatal Error - Standalone Desktop Application


I have a problem with my packaged scene. I cook and ship the scene with Shipping and it packages fine, no major errors. I then run the standalone game and it gives me a Fatal Error message, but still plays the scene.

When I send the standalone desktop application to my client it doesnt open on their side. I have tried deleting saved and Intermediate folders, I;ve tried migrating to a new project. I’ve disable my Intel Graphics card and only used my Nvidia Card, doesnt matter what I do I get this fatal error message everytime. Please see attached log.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Oh yes, someone previously suggested making sure my graphics drivers were updated, they are, still makes no difference.

This is the error message I get when I try play the standalone application on another PC. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Really stuck here.

This is a known error, I am sure it appeared on other threads with some advice from developers. Try search forum with that error message and you will get there

Thanks for the feedback and help. I have already checked all the forums and cannot find a solution. Most are related to games crashing, but this is a Packaged Archviz scene a client wants from me. Do you have any suggestions or advice, at this point I am open to anything. Thanks again.

From what I remember reading about it, it is related to slow hardware x graphics card, but there were no description on which hardware was. I would suggest for you to submit a bug report using: and if possible create a small project with the issue and a clear description on the hardware you are using and I strongly suggest to use DxDiag tool at your Windows command prompt and specify so save the information into a file and attach it to the bug report above.

Will do. Thanks again for the help, it is much appreciated.