Fatal Error: Serial Size Mismatch

Just saved and closed this file this afternoon and now I cant open it. I was on 4.26.0 and just updated to 4.26.1 and still the same issue. I also deleted the file “Unsaved_material_INST” that seems to be giving it trouble but still won’t load. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

Fatal error: [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/LinkerLoad.cpp] [Line: 4148] SubstanceGraphInstance /Game/Unsaved_material_INST.Unsaved_material_INST: Serial size mismatch: Got 250, Expected 246

FGenericPlatformMisc::RaiseException(unsigned int) Address = 0x10de6c857 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FMacErrorOutputDevice::Serialize(char16_t const*, ELogVerbosity::Type, FName const&) Address = 0x10e000813 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FOutputDevice::LogfImpl(char16_t const*, ...) Address = 0x10e10e7c9 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
auto FLinkerLoad::Preload(UObject*)::$_127::operator()<FLogCategoryLogLinker, char16_t [3], char16_t const*>(FLogCategoryLogLinker const&, char16_t const (&) [3], char16_t const* const&) const Address = 0x10f73e776 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
FLinkerLoad::Preload(UObject*) Address = 0x10f73ccde (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
EndLoad(FUObjectSerializeContext*) Address = 0x10f93df99 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
LoadPackageInternal(UPackage*, char16_t const*, unsigned int, FLinkerLoad*, FArchive*, FLinkerInstancingContext const*) Address = 0x10f93c8db (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
LoadPackage(UPackage*, char16_t const*, unsigned int, FArchive*, FLinkerInstancingContext const*) Address = 0x10f939c5b (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
ResolveName(UObject*&, FString&, bool, bool, unsigned int, FLinkerInstancingContext const*) Address = 0x10f936a04 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
StaticLoadObjectInternal(UClass*, UObject*, char16_t const*, char16_t const*, unsigned int, UPackageMap*, bool, FLinkerInstancingContext const*) Address = 0x10f93a20d (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
StaticLoadObject(UClass*, UObject*, char16_t const*, char16_t const*, unsigned int, UPackageMap*, bool, FLinkerInstancingContext const*) Address = 0x10f935779 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib]
FAssetData::GetAsset() const Address = 0x2f4b56cbe (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-SubstanceCore.dylib]
Substance::Helpers::SubstancesRequireUpdate() Address = 0x2f4b57f6b (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-SubstanceCore.dylib]
FSubstanceEditorModule::RebuildAlert() Address = 0x305c7b2a6 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-SubstanceEditor.dylib]
TBaseStaticDelegateInstance<void (FString const&, bool), FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::ExecuteIfSafe(FString const&, bool) const Address = 0x305c7bf4f (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-SubstanceEditor.dylib]
TMulticastDelegate<void (FString const&, bool), FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::Broadcast(FString const&, bool) const Address = 0x1199cd128 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dylib]
FEditorFileUtils::LoadMap(FString const&, bool, bool) Address = 0x1199cc36d (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dylib]
FEditorFileUtils::LoadDefaultMapAtStartup() Address = 0x1199dad21 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dylib]
FUnrealEdMisc::OnInit() Address = 0x11a0c9b52 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dylib]
EditorInit(IEngineLoop&) Address = 0x11a0c77ad (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dylib]
GuardedMain(char16_t const*) Address = 0x10da67518 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
-[UE4AppDelegate runGameThread:] Address = 0x10da8551f (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
-[FCocoaGameThread main] Address = 0x10dfff981 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
Unknown() Address = 0x7fff211bee1d (filename not found) [in Foundation]
_pthread_start Address = 0x7fff20342950 (filename not found) [in libsystem_pthread.dylib]
thread_start Address = 0x7fff2033e47b (filename not found) [in libsystem_pthread.dylib]