Fatal Error Packaged Game

Hello Unreal Community,
To begin I’m french so i am sorry if i do mistakes.
I have a problem with my packaged game. I encounter this fatal error: (see picture)
I saw this topic (Packaged game Fatal Error - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums) but i don’t understand what he did. Anyone had the same problem?

Thank you a lot,

Hey AntoinePavia,

Are you able to test your game out by playing within the editor? Also, how exactly did you package your project? Have you tried packaging your project a second time to see if the same fatal error occurs? Does this only happen when packaging for shipping, or does it happen when you’re packaging for development as well?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello ,
Nice to see you! To answer you: Yes i’m able to play within the editor, there is no bug. When i Packaged my game, I selected “Shipping”,“Full Rebuild”, “Use Pak File”, “Include Prerequisites”, “Include Crash Reporter”. I tried 3/4 times to package it but the fatal error occurs. I tried for development too.
Thank you a lot,

Hey AntoinePavia,

It sounds like you’re using the Unreal Frontend to package your game. While I know using UFE can take less time, have you tried simply going to File and selecting Package Project > Build Configurations and setting it to Shipping? Once doing that, going back to Package Project and building it for Windows?

If this does not work for you, would you mind zipping your whole project and adding it to something like Drive and sending me a private message on the forums providing a link to download it so I can attempt to package it myself?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hello ,
Yes i did like you described.
I observed that the game crashed when large maps loaded. Sometimes it works.
I’ll wait for a better pc.
Then i can’t send you game’s files because they are too large (50Go).
Thank you a lot for your help! :wink:


You are very welcome for the assistance provided. If you have any further questions, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

Enjoy your week! :slight_smile:

Hi ,
Thank You a lot for your help,
I’I have tested the game to friends and the error appears frequently.
So i’ve upload the game (3,8Go) but not the project (50Go) if you want see it.

I’ll try to upload the entire project.
My sincere thanks,


I have downloaded the .rar file of your game and loaded up the .exe. When I got to the third map load, the game finally provided me with the error. After the game crashed, I then opened the Kamigawa2_1-Win64-Shipping.exe file instead of Kamigawa2_1.exe. Since playing within this version of the game, I have not crashed once and I’ve loaded through various different doorways/maps and even died from I’m guessing starvation.

With the errors that it’s producing, it is pointing towards a possible memory leak however, since the game is packaged in shipping, we aren’t able to debug it and it’s not providing specific information for the crash errors.

Are you receiving these crashes when you package the game for debug or for development? If so, could you provide us a screenshot of the errors first before uploading 50GB again, to try and save time.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thank you! :slight_smile: