Fatal Error on Exit


This issue suddenly started popping up on Friday.
The conditions to make this happen.
Packed version of the project no longer in the unreal editor. When pressing the exit button in my menu to close my game down. The game closes and then this fatal error window appears.

Before Friday it was not an issue. On Steam I changed it to use older builds from before this was a problem. But without any of my code changing. This now happens on every version of my project. I tested as far back as 6 months ago before deciding to post for help instead as every build had the issue.

Funnily enough running the project in the editor and hitting the exit button does not produce this error.

I checked drivers and performed a restart and no change.

I don’t think its the code. Please some help would be greatly appreciated.

To update this. I decided to package with the crash reporter and now the steam overlay activates in the crash reporter window.

This one is doing my head in trying to figure out if its a me problem or an Unreal problem. If it were something I did it wouldn’t make sense that its happening on extremely old builds of this project. Or to my players.

A little bit late, but - from today’s experience.

Unreal Engine 4.27.2 C++ but some BP for HUD.
I had two languages (EN, PL) in a simple project. No errors in log, no warnings. Development builds, standalone play. Moved to “Shipping build” state. Runs fine but on exit the “fatal error” whenever I exit from the button (node → Quit Game) or Alt-F4.
So what was my solution… I was fixing localizations and accidentally changed Internationalization Support from “English” to “All”. Just this one thing. Changed back to “English” and “Fatal error” disappeared. To call it a solution - yes, after changing this setting to “All” I got back the “Fatal error”.