Fatal Error - Meta Quet 2 - OpenXR

Hello everyone, I’m having issues when I try to test my level with Quest 2.

I started using the vr template and creating different levels to use as streaming levels for my project.

My Quest works fine in the vr template, but when I migrate my level and dependencies to the vr template, can’t use my controllers or interact.

This is the error unreal give me

Fatal error: [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\OpenXR\Source\OpenXRHMD\Private\OpenXRHMD_Swapchain.cpp] [Line: 93] Failed to wait on acquired swapchain image. This usually indicates a problem with the OpenXR runtime.
And some lines about RHI and Core

What is the best way or tips to start a project with the Quest?


Hey @JuanMaldini,
I read that you need to register your GitHub ID to gain access to the UE5 API, and I think you’ll get a 404 Error when you try to access it. It seems like they still recommend using UE4.27 for Meta Quest Development. But, it seems like you can register here: GitHub - EpicGames/Signup: Information about signing up for a free Epic Games account, and getting access to UnrealEngine source code., and also if you’re into video tutorials, here is another link: How To Build Your UE5 Project To The Oculus/Meta Quest - Setting Up Android & Fixing Other Errors | Community tutorial
I hope this can help you out!