Fatal error LiveRequests.Num or NumLiveRawRequests was > 0 in ~FPakAsynchReadFileHandle!


I don’t specifically know where this issue is coming from, but I’m getting the following error:
Fatal error:
[File:C:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\PakFile\Private\IPlatformFilePak.cpp] [Line: 3347]
LiveRequests.Num or NumLiveRawRequests was > 0 in ~FPakAsynchReadFileHandle!

This happens with a specific map I created. It loads fine, but crashes when switching from another map to this problematic one.

Grateful for any help.

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Hi, did you manage to fix it? I’m having the same error when sometimes switching to one map (only in built version, in editor it’s fine). Also sometimes the same crash appears when on that map I press quit button which only opens main menu.

Perhaps someone could recommend any solution? Thanks!

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Seems like an engine bug. Retry with the latest 4.25 hotfix and if it still doesn’t work then please file a bug report.

Make sure to include a simple project where this crash can be reproduced. Otherwise it’s unlikely to get fixed.

Thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned it’s 4.23 engine version. Actually switching version to 4.24 helped, so it really looks like an 4.23 engine bug.

The bug is thill there (4.27.1) and it seems it is caused by too big size (size on disk) of steaming levels and by busy I/O. On SSD disk it is crashing less often.

I did bug report with example project, packaged project and everything, but it looks like nobody care… :frowning: It is impossible to release game with this…