Fatal Error launching packaged game


I get this error every time i try to launch my game. I have searched for fixes and didn’t find any for this problem, I am either blind or very blind. Help me plz

I had 3 folders each with a lot of pointless stuff in them. I guess i could just clear them out and change the names to something shorter and see if that fixes it

To many file directories? folders within folders within folders within folders etc I would duplicate your project then delete anything with long names or lots of folders and build as a test.
Trial and error.
Its good practice to schedule regular builds so you reduce the amount of variables to debug.

total character limit is 277. sounds like it may not be your issue, unless you have real long names in those folders. Make sure they have standard punctuation, and anything in the folders(through your directory tree-not unreal) has no weird characters in the folders or file names. For spaces in names I also use underscore.

We had a similar bug, the problem was in removing the child actor component in one bp. But later we found another solution – change to true (flagged) Project settings-Editor-Blueprints-Use Compilation Manager.

Is there anything else previously in the log that hints to this error?

This was already set to true by default and i removed all child actors that where not important. Didn’t work

Removed all folders and gave all assets short names. Did not work

Still no solutuin? This engine is f***ed dude. Never gonna use it again.

I finally decided to get off my ■■■ and try and fix this. I remade majority of the complicated ■■■■ again and made it a lot cleaner. I then followed the instructions VERY carefully on packaging a game to avoid errors and it suddenly worked. Idk if I just got lucky or if something i did before caused the problem. Im guessing if other people are having this problem just follow a tutorial on packaging a game without errors and you might get lucky like I did