Fatal Error in packaged game


I try make package, but get error without some links or explanations.

  1. I use UE 4.9 (binary)
  2. Platform - Win64
  3. Before packaging I create empty class for get VS project files (project was created as blueprint based)
  4. It happens on Debug | Shipping | Development modes of packaging

Does somebody have idea what to do in this case?

Solution was to add *dll of used plugin (for RazerHydra controllers) to binaries of packaged game.

Was this happening while you were playing the packaged game?
what binaries folder where you moving them too? I’m trying to fix the same error although I use Rama’s Victory Plugin

Sorry for late responce.

  1. Yes, I got error only in packaged game.
  2. folder WindowsNoEditor/ProjectName/Binaries/Win64/sixence_x64.dll