Fatal error C1060: compiler is out of heap space while compilimg sources

I am trying to compiling UE4 source code with visual studio2015 (upd2) . Win8 -64bit 10G Ram, total ram usage<70%.
What to do with this problem?

My guess is this isn’t actually a ram issue and is more likely a hard drive space issue. When compiling very large projects that use a large amount of ram, your PC might use a swap file to store some of the in-memory compilation, so the RAM is free for other more crucial things.

Maybe this link of suggested solutions can help you Fatal Error C1060 | Microsoft Docs

If you are using incredibuild you might want to update to the latest version which may also fix your issue.

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Make sure that the hard drive that the project you are currently compiling on has a decent size of virtual memory set up in windows.

Go to Start->Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows-> Advanced->VirtualMemory->Change

Then select your hard drive you are compiling on and use a custom size. Set the Initial and Max sizes to be the same. As a rule of thumb I prefer to have about 10% of the total storage space to be dedicated to virtual memory. So on a 500GB harddrive, 50GB would be dedicated to virtual memory.

If you still get the error after setting the memory, you can try increasing it more.

Note that high core count CPU’s will require more virtual memory than lower core counts.
A 32 core cpu is going to need considerably more virtual memory and RAM for compiling big projects like Unreal.

If you don’t want to set aside virtual memory, you can also decrease the number of cores you use to compile with.