[Fatal Bug] UAsset cannot be open

Well, our project got a serious bug after we force delete one of the asset and its linking file from the folder.
Right after that many uasset editor window refuse to be opened (they are not linked to the delete file in anyway). Once double clicked, an empty window just open and hanged up without doing anything or reporting anything. We took a look at the log file and found no error.

Weird yet, if we rename the thing, we can re-open it again. However once renaming it back to the old name, it refuse to be opened again.

We actually encounter this bug for many times now. Can someone helps clear this up?

Hi KillerPenguin,

Have you tried using the “Fix up redirectors” option on the folders in which you moved the objects? Additionally, try removing the references either before deleting the assets or, if forced to renamed, change any references to the deleted asset before reverting to the original name.

I didn’t know such thing exist… Is there a button that do this on all folders?

If you right click the “Contents” folder at the top of the content browser, it should propagate to all subfolders.

The bug strikes again.

And using “Fix up redirectors” doesn’t help, nor does it do its thing on all folder when you use it on contents.

Well I found the solution, just delete the “saved fodler” and re-config everything again and your project will be back as new.