Fastest way to browse through many "unsorted" assets in the editor?

I’ve imported a ton of assets, and I’d now like to go through them as fast as possible, bc there are so many. Something where I could “classify” each asset in one click, and move to the next. What is the easiest way to put something like that together? Maybe on top of some existing plugin?

I recommand you using AssetData to collect the asset information.

DataAsset do not need to load the asset into the memory, much faster than unreal.load_asset

import unreal
data = unreal.EditorAssetLibrary.find_asset_data('/Game/.../MyItemSubClass_BP.MyItemSubClass_BP')
# LogPython: Blueprint
# LogPython: MyItemSubClass_BP
# LogPython: <Object '/Script/Engine.Blueprint' (0x000002995C8FDF00) Class 'Class'>

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