Fastest and smallest way possible to package?

Hi there, how can I share my project but not source code or assets, I mean a build, the problem is that even for a small map it takes a lot of space!!! and uploading/sending it takes just to much time, so it is a no no on a slow upload connection.

What and how would be the most smallest possible package that can be build? (ie, 50Mb should be pretty good! :P).

Make sure that all unused assets are removed from your project before building the game, other than that the only things you can do is try and make your own installer with different compression, or go back into the game project and make things like texture resolutions smaller

For testing purposes, I pack the whole thing into a .rar file and put it on Google Drive, and make a link to share the file. With very-very basic game you can get it under 50 Mb. In the package settings uncheck “Include Prerequisities” if you are sure that the other PC already has everything that is necessary to run the game.

Pick the levels in the project settings manually so it only cooks the assets you are actually using.