Faster than 5x physics with slowmo command?

My game in develpoment is going to require travelling around the entire earth multiple times during a mission at ~50mph tops.

This requires time compression in the order of 4096 to 8192x

Now obiously at those speeds its going to require having a variable in the game instance “TimeCompression” that EVERYTHING in the game gets multiplied by and I wont be able to render anything during these scenes, but thats for another day.

Right now I’d just like to know my options for blueprinting or basic c++ the ability to INCREASE physics time not slow it down using slowmo command for prototpying.

It appears slowmo 5.0 and slowmo 25.0 havce the same effect, about 3x-5x physics speed increase as far as i can tell but increasing the number further does nothing.

I’d like to have a maximum physics time compression of around 32x but i can work with the 5x for now.

My plainest question is then, am I doing the right thing this early into development usin the slowmo console command for physics time compression or is there a better way, even if it means digging into C++ which im much more comfortable with these days, or is there a good prototype solution right in front of my face im not thinking about?

did not know that command exists. What the difference to ‘global/custom time dilation’?

You can get upt o about 20x with time dialation.

I guess it appears I’ll need everything to be “on rails” for anything in physics range when above a few times squared time compression.

Where would one even begin for an “on rails” aproach, blueprints or code. I udnerstand the concept but not to how to implement it.

You are going to have a bad time with such time compression rates. If I understand correctly you want this for the sub-simulator. Take a look into how it was done in Silent Hunter. As far as I can tell, they run simulation on the physics side with the same rate in 3D view, even when time is compressed. This means that you have to manually control update of your physics and your render game time. Only on map they allowed a higher time compression as at this point no physics is simulated at all - everything just behaves as kinematic bodies.
The good news is that physics sub-stepping is already doing something similar to what you need, but you have to get a better control on how many sub-steps you are going to have when you compress your game time.

Or you could do as Kerbal Space Program does it - limit time compression when there are external forces effecting your ship and just use time dilation with physics sub-stepping. Allow to compress time further only when sub is in stable conditions - under the water or completely submerged and calculate buoyancy kinematically - at this point physics on objects will be off.